You Might Be A Snowman 1

You Might Be A Snowman

As I step outside into the cold air and crunch through the fresh, fluffy snow, the bright white flakes glisten in the morning sun. I gather up a glove full of snow and squash it into a tight ball. This will be our Snowman…

Our dressing up style winter Sensory Story uses simple language to make it as accessible to as many as possible. There should be no difficulty in adjusting the level of this activity to suit the needs of your class, whether that entails increasing or decreasing the complexity as necessary.

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Tips for delivery:

Speak slowly and deliberately to allow children time to visualise and imagine the scene you are describing. It is crucial to offer youngsters ample opportunities to engage in this process, as it helps foster their creativity and cognitive development.

By allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the scene you are describing, you enhance their comprehension skills and stimulate their imaginations even further.

Depending on your learner profile, PMLD, SEN or EYFS Pause occasionally to ask questions that prompt the children to use their senses, like “What sounds do you hear?” or “How does the snow feel on your hands?”

Creating an Immersive Winter Sensory Space

A Winter Themed Immersive Sensory Space for sensory stories. PMLD, EYFS, fir trees snow and netting
A Winter Themed Immersive Sensory Space

Create an immersive learning space in such a way that your learners can already start picturing the winter atmosphere:

  1. Use white sheets, tablecloths, or tarps to cover tables and make a “snowy” backdrop.
  2. Add snowflake decorations made from paper, lace, or plastic to hang from the ceiling and walls.
  3. Fill bins or trays with “snow” made from shredded paper, shaving foam, or foam beads for children to play and build with.
  4. Provide winter-themed props like mittens, scarves, hats, and shovels for pretend play.
  5. Display photographs of winter scenes and activities for children to look at and discuss.
  6. Have winter-themed books available for children to explore
  7. Play soft winter music in the background to set the mood.
  8. Include snow and winter related art supplies like white and blue construction paper, glue, googly eyes, cotton balls, etc.
  9. Set up a pretend igloo with blankets, sheets and pillows for cozy reading nooks.
  10. Bake winter-themed snacks together like snowman cookies and decorate them as a group activity.
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Additional Winter Themed Teaching Ideas:

You Might Be A Snowman 2

Have the children make their own snowman after the story using play dough, clay, or other materials for tactile learning and creative expression.

Act out the sensory details in the story by having children mimic actions like crunching through the snow, gathering snowballs, etc.

Read additional snow-themed stories and poems to build vocabulary and expand the children’s experience with winter themes.

You Might Be A Snowman 3

You Might be a Snowman: Winter Sensory Story

You might be a snowman if you have…
A carrot for your nose.

You might be a snowman if you have…
Two branches for arms.

You might be a snowman if you have…
Lumps of coal for eyes and smile.

You might be a snowman if you have…
A round belly made of snow.

You might be a snowman if you have…
A tall cone-shaped hat.

You might be a snowman if you have…
An icy white exterior.

You might be a snowman if you have…
A habit of melting in the springtime.

You might be a snowman if you have…
Unsteady sticks for feet.

You might be a snowman if you have…
A scarf that flutters in the breeze.

You might be a snowman if you have…
Buttons running up your middle.

Download The Multi-Sensory Story

You might be a snowman: Sensory Story image. Snowman lit by candles
You might be a snowman winter sensory adventure EYFS, PMLD

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