Egypt: Sensory Story

An Egyptian Sensory Adventure

This sensory story is for our Ancient Egypt topic. Pharaohs, pyramids and camels all feature in our Egypt sensory story. As with the other stories it is written with a certain need type group in mind. I am fortunate enough to have access to a Multi-Sensory room. This means I can create immersive storytelling environments with a bit of forethought.

I have made the sensory story available as a free PDF booklet. Please feel free to download below. I would appreciate a share. The story is available below if you wanted to copy and paste it into communicate in print for a symbol version. The PDF is available by clicking the button below. Please share this page if you have time.

Recommended Egyptian Sensory resources.

Egypt Sensory Story Resources PDF

Each page has suggestions for sensory resources to use. I have left a space for your own notes/prop to use during your storytelling session. Where it says Sensory Umbrella click here to read more about how to make these. The free mp3 downloads for the sound effects can be found below the table.

Light as the sunSandRocksReedsWater sound effect
Egypt Sensory umbrellaPrunesSnake skinPapyrus paperToy boat in the water
Egyptian musicFan for wind (warm if possible)Toy snakeRustling sound effectSailcloth
Camel furToy beetleJackals sound effectGold shiny sensory umbrellaCrocodile tail
Camel sound effectHomemade dungNight Time Sensory UmbrellaShuffling sound2d pyramid prop
Smell resourcesSticky wet sponge as tongueCamel SmellToilet paper (to throw/wrap)Stones
Egypt PMLD activity

Egypt Sensory Story Sound Effects

Camel Egypt Pharaoh sensory story pdf
Egypt Sensory Story Cover

Egypt Sensory Story: It’s Miles to the Nile.

We are travelling through Egypt
Searching for a Pharaoh’s tomb,
But it’s miles to the Nile
And the sun will go down soon.

Riding on a grumpy camel
With a really smelly coat,
But it’s miles to the Nile
And we have to catch the boat.

The desert sands are blowing
Into huge and endless dunes,
But it’s miles to the Nile
And we are running out of prunes.

There! Look a scarab beetle,
It’s eating all the dung,
But it’s miles to the Nile
And the camel’s sticking out his tongue.

Watch out there’s a cobra
It’s hiding in the rocks,
But it’s miles to the Nile
And we are stuck behind an ox.

It is night and time for bed,
I can hear the jackals calling
But it’s miles to the Nile
And the camel smells appalling.

We’ve reached the banks
With rustling papyrus reeds,
We’re right here on the Nile
Let’s find out where it leads.

On the shimmering river
A boat with linen sails
Drifting slowly down the Nile
Look out, crocodile tails!

Tall and ancient made of stone
A pyramid looms into sight
We’ve sailed miles down the Nile
Just past Memphis then turn right

We climb inside the Pharaoh’s tomb
Lots of gold and honey. Yummy.
A shuffling sound, back to the Nile!
Quick run here comes a mummy!

Our Egyptian journey is ending
We have learnt an awful lot
Traveled miles down the Nile.
Would you come back or not?

I hope you enjoy our Egypt sensory story. I would love to see how you use/adapt it. Please tweet me or leave a comment. Cover Photo by José Ignacio Pompé on Unsplash

Ancient Egypt Maths Worksheets

To accompany this story for an SLD group I made up some simple maths worksheets (Free PDF download)

Our Other Free PDF Sensory Stories

The Sensory Stories below have all been written to match our Topics. Primarily for a PMLD class but they have also been adapted and delivered to Nursery and other classes.

An Egyptian sensory story

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