Pancake day sensory recipe
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Pancake Day Sensory Story

A Sensory Recipe/Poem for Pancake Day

Just a little bit of fun for Pancake day. a sensory story/recipe for encouraging messy play or adding a little bit of literacy and fun into food tech lessons. As always written with SEND children in mind this is a simple recipe with poem/Sensory story to go with it. Easy to adapt and utilise in a number of ways. The sensory elements for exploration are the ingredients to make pancakes so should be a very simple sensory story to resource. Please share if you like this resource.

Widgit symbol pancake recipe

If you are looking a symbol Pancake Recipe Widgit provide one as a free download click the image below to take you to their page.

Pancake Day Sensory Story 1

Pancake Day, Stancake Day

Stan was a little chap only 5 inches tall

He lived in a box because he was so small.

One day he was hungry and that made him grumble

His tummy was empty and starting to rumble

He looked in a recipe book to make a plan

He needed ingredients, whisk and frying pan.

He ran to the cupboard to get the flour

but ripped the bag, it poured out in a shower.

Covered in flour he found a half dozen eggs.

Crack, splat! now egg is stuck to his legs.

Now moving slow and hopping around 

He fell into the milk jug and almost drowned.

Wet and sticky and covered in batter

He shook his head causing mess and splatter.

Next he knocked over the sugar bowl

Stan is running around out of control

He trips, flips and lands in the pan

Oh no! A pancake made out of Stan!

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A Stancake! A Stancake! What should we do?

Open our mouths, pop him in and CHEW!


Download a free PDF for printing in A3 using the link below. You can use this as either a placemat or to read the poem. Up to You!

Pancake sensory story pdf

Our Other Sensory Stories.

There are a number of other sensory stories on the others are presented as free PDF booklets and are usually a little longer. Hope you find something useful. Please share if you enjoyed them.

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