Line of Duty: The Sensory Story

Mother of God it’s the Line of Duty Sensory Story! No copyright infringement intended (Sorry BBC, please don’t sue) just a bit of fun. I wrote this with older sensory learners in mind. Sometimes sensory stories are not fully age appropriate for adults with PMLD. There is no reason not to engage people based on their interests. There is no real learning intention or knowledge sharing intended in this sensory story. It is purely an attempt to bring a bit of fun to sensory storytelling sessions. If you know someone in a college or day centre setting who would enjoy our Line Of Duty inspired Sensory Story please share! Update! Scroll down to see another Line of Duty Sensory Story written by Carol Thompson who has kindly given permission for it to be shared here.

Sensory Story For Older Learners

For more information about telling sensory stories please read this book by Joanna Grace. This story breaks some of the rules but at inclusiveteach we don’t always conduct ourselves to the letter of the law. With any individual you need to adapt the rules to suit their learning and interaction style. this line no of duty inspired sensory story is not meant as a perfect example – it is just an idea that I hope benefits someone.

Line of Duty: The Sensory Story 1

Most of our others sensory stories are listed in this post. Please have a look. They are all provided with free PDF booklets. Feel free to adapt depending on what resources you have available or your learners will engage with. The Free PDF of the Line Of Duty inspired sensory story is at the bottom of the page.

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Suggested Line of Duty Themed Sensory Resources

Sound Buttons for Sound Effects

Torch with blue filter

Black material, red material/sheet

Small copper tubes or spent casings

Old mobile phone

Police Light

Police hat

Briefcase or bag with printed bank notes

Whisper tube

The Line Of Duty Sensory Story

In AC-12 they hunt bent coppers
The corrupt liars telling whoppers.

The OCG talking on their burner phones
Plotting and hiding things in peoples homes.

There’s been a robbery some men with guns
The criminals have left, they’re on the run.

Kate Fleming, Steve Arnott and Ted Hastings
Are examine the clues, some bullet casings.

The suspect has escaped he knew the plan
There must be a leak, an inside man.

Who’s that with the cash in the boot of his car?
It’s the new detective, quick he won’t get far.

Sirens on! Nice driving, you caught him mate!
But we missed “H” we got here too late.

AC12 Conduct themselves to the letter of the law.
There’s no bent coppers here of that I’m sure.


I hope you enjoyed our Line of Duty inspired Free Sensory Story for PMLD or anyone else who may enjoy it! Download the PDF booklet here.

Line of duty sensory story

Carol Thompson’s Line Of Duty Sensory Story!

Find this version on the PMLD Facebook group. Thank you Carol for sharing! 😀

Line of Duty: The Sensory Story 2

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