Hot and Cold Multi-Sensory Stories 1
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Hot and Cold Multi-Sensory Stories

Multi-Sensory Stories For Key Vocabulary

These two super simple sensory stories cover just one concept each. Hot and Cold. This vocabulary is reinforced by everyday objects that are cold and hot. You shouldn’t need any expensive resources and can adapt each line to fit what you have available.

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Curriculum Links

The vocabulary Hot and Cold are essential to learn in a variety of contexts. These Sensory Stories can help reinforce a number of curriculum areas.

  • Science
  • RSE – Washing, clothing
  • Weather
  • Time – seasons
  • Food Technology

Hot Sensory Story

Hot sensory story PMLD

This is hot (food – warmed up something nice)
I must nibble a little first.

This is hot (drink – warm cup)
I must take small sips first.

This is hot (candle – candle light bulb)
I must just look.

This is hot (bath/sink – bowl of water)
I must test it first.

This is hot (radiator – Heat pad)
I must not touch.

This is hot (sunshine – Warm, bright light glow)
I must have cream on.

This is hot (Hairdryer on low heat setting)
I wear my hat

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This is hot (warm water spray on hand)
It must be summer.

(open up your hot sensory umbrella)

Cold Sensory Story

Hot and Cold Multi-Sensory Stories 2

This is cold (ice pop/cream)
I eat it in summer.

This is cold (drink)
I can drink it.

This is cold (autumn scene, throw leaves)
I put my coat on.

This is cold (Cold pack/wrapped ice pack)
I put my hat on.

This is cold (cool fan on hand)
I put my gloves on.

This is cold (water spray)
It must be raining.

This is cold (Shaved Ice)
It must be winter.

(open up your cold sensory umbrella)

sensory story weather cold

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