Easter Learning Games: 3 Great Toys

Easter Learning Games and Activities for EYFS/SEND Children

Easter learning games and resources are great for use in several SEND-focused activities. I would use this with a wider age range than they are designed for. This raises questions about how age-appropriate each resource and I discuss this issue in this blog. Context in choosing resources for SEND learners is more important than the specific resource. How you deliver the learning, how you use learner’s interests to promote engagement.

baby toys for easter

These are chosen as they meet several learning objectives in the following areas:

  1. Engagement
  2. Social Interaction
  3. Sensory Exploration
  4. Numeracy, colours, numbers, shapes
  5. Fine motor skills
  6. Turn-taking
  7. Problem-solving

If you are looking for more Easter learning resources check out our “Easter Story” sensory story. It is designed to tell the traditional religious Easter story in a way that is engaging for a wide range of children through a multisensory approach to storytelling – Download it free here.

These are fun activities that I would use in a number of Easter-themed activities. Mama Hen is great for an Easter-themed Attention Autism session, and the Tomy Eggs are great for learners who love to explore resources and you need something robust. The happy hunt game is great for turn-taking and social interaction – it’s a cute bunny, with baskets so obviously a perfect Easter game. Anyway let’s have a closer look at the three chosen Easter learning resources.

Easter Learning Resources Game: Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt

Learning Resources Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game. This easter bunny-themed game is ideal for developing fine motor skills and a variety of early learning goals. Children use the rabbit-shaped tweezers to pick up the appropriate colour carrots from the game box. The first player to successfully fill their basket with four different carrots wins. The use of the rabbit-shaped tweezers also supports pre-handwriting skills by working the muscles important for the pencil grip. My son found these a challenge to use at first you really have to squeeze!

Happy Easter bunny game colour sorting

Key Learning Objectives.

  • Builds early learning skills
  • Turn taking
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Encourages the “pencil” grip
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Colour matching skills
Easter game hoppy floppy happy hunt SEN resources

Mama Hen Learning Toy

Easter themed attention Autism session
Mama Hen – Also motivating for Dacshunds.

Annoying and hilarious in equal measure. I guarantee Mama hen will instantly grab the attention of any child! Have a watch of the video below. Have the sound on! This hen will lay three coloured eggs. Although 1 is currently AWOL under a sofa or somewhere. This can form a great Easter-themed attention autism session or attention grabber. It would be a fantastic additional PECs motivator or part of an AAC session.

I bought my “egg laying singing chicken” from ebay but it is also available here.

Tomy Toomies Hide and Squeak Easter Eggs

These are a perennial favourite among my children. They are also a very robust toy for an Easter themed activity tray or early numeracy session. Okay not technically Easter but eggs and chicks are now the Easter go to so why not use these. They are good for hide and seek, shape sorting, colour matching and even fine motor.

Easter egg sensory tray activity for SEN

You can also use the faces on these to reinforce emotional regulation work. Unless you lose these they will last for years! Buy here.*

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