collaboroo tuff tray post
Originally posted on Collaboroo This was an idea I had when I first bought a tuff tray but was brought to life by our workshop tutor so I can’t claim all the credit. I work in a mixed ability SEN key stage 4 class. My students love practical hands on activities, some like sensory messy play and some like more structured activities. This was a way to theme an activity station to meet all needs and keep bits separate whilst the students still worked together. This was for our transport (sea) topic – more free resources available here.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 15.09.16.jpg

You could cut holes in the divider for posting between sections. Even as a voting booth. A roof, waterproofing with mastic along the bottom. lower or stepped dividers, plastic see-through dividers – The options are really endless. And because the tray is pretty ubiquitous, if it breaks your dividers will fit the new one! You would need to seal or paint if using water.

I Would love to see any pictures of how you have extended your tuff tray.