An In-Depth Guide To Developmental Delay

Developmental Delay The Importance of Early Detection and Intervention Child development proceeds rapidly in the first few years of life as critical cognitive, language and motor skills emerge. As such, the early years represent a crucial period for detection and mitigation of potential developmental delay. Extensive research has shown that the earlier interventions can begin …

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Effective SENCO: Having a Whole School Impact

Effective SENCO: Impact on School Culture Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) play a critical role in ensuring that every student in their school receives the support they need to thrive. In order to be effective, SENCOs must not only be experts in their field, but also have the ability to influence and drive change across …

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16 SENCO Interview Questions

Things To Know About the Role of a SENCO What is a SENCO? A SENCo, which stands for Special Educational Needs Coordinator, is the key leader in supporting students with special educational needs and/or disabilities at their primary or secondary school. The SENCo works to ensure these students receive the right teaching and learning support …

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