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Excellent SEN Blogs to follow: Part 2.

This is a follow up to part 1 there are a huge number of great SEN blogs with ideas, resources, and inspiration  for you to read and engage with. These are just some I have enjoyed reading and wanted to share them with you.

Tracey Lawrence – Tweets as @behaviourteach Assistant head, and host of the weekly twitter chat  #behaviourchat. Tracey is also the author of “The Day Poppa Turned into a Star” her blog is highly readable with loads of advice and ideas based on personal experience.

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Gareth Morewood is Director of Curriculum Support (SENCo) & Specialist Leader of Education at Priestnall School, Stockport and Honorary Research Fellow in Education at the University of Manchester.A great blog, regularly updated with practical ideas and inspirational ideas.

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Emma Kennedy’s blog whilst not specifically SEN, covers a range of important issues facing some of our most vulnerable students. Passionate and well written Emma really appreciates comments to her posts (Especially this one :-).)

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Anonymously Autistic is written (you guessed it) anonymously by “Anna” a pseudonym. this blog gives an excellent insight into living with autism. Anna is Autistic and writes a very readable, interesting blog often featuring guest bloggers.

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Chantelle Roberts writes the blog – We called him Lucky. I think in collaboration with others. She is mother to a son diagnosed with ASD which gives a real, personal and heartfelt insight into the lives of the children and families we as educators support.Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 19.38.38.png

I hope you find these useful. Please feel free to recommend any blogs in the comments section

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