5 Lessons teachers can steal from the movies

Just a lighthearted blog for the end of half term. These are some lessons about teaching from the movies.

Kindergarten Cop – Own up to your mistakes. We are humans, often under stress and not infallible. As long as the students are at the centre of what we do!

Kindergarden Cop teacher animated.gif

Finding Nemo – Don’t be afraid to have fun. We work with children and childhood should be fun. Right?

Nemo School Mr Ray.gif

Matilda – Don’t put on an act. This Secret Teacher article is very depressing but I imagine we have all changed something we usually do for SLT or Of•••d. We need to cultivate confident innovative, real teachers.

OFSTED Lesson changes.gif

Fist Fight – Don’t Compete, I have met very few teachers who think they are as great as they are. This great blog by ThatBoyCanTeach describes teaching in the age of the celebrity teacher.

Fist Fight teacher.gif

School of Rock – Share your passion. If you are excited by your subject that is contagious, a great teacher can hook students into almost any subject.

School of Rock Passion teacher.gif


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