You Might Be A Dragon: Sensory Story

You Might be a Dragon: A Simple Multi-Sensory Story

The aim of You Might Be a Dragon is to simplify a Story to encourage imaginative play. You may want to use it as an activity as part of a topic such as Castles, Myths and Legends, or pair it with reading more complex books. there are many planned learning intentions that link with these stories for both PMLD or EYFS learners.

A thunderous roar shook the skies above the kingdom, followed by a rush of hot wind that blasted branches from the trees. People peeked out from cottage windows with gasps of fear, for they knew only one creature could make such a fearsome sound – the mighty dragon awakening from his long slumber beneath the mountaintop. His huge wings unfurled, still stiff from years of inactivity, but soon swooping with power as he took to the skies. He stretched his long, spiked tail and flicked it in satisfaction….

A more complex narrative example.

You might be a dragon adds to our collection of “You might be…” multi sensory stories. These are written to be slightly different to a full sensory story and revolve around the examination of the characteristics of one person. I use them as an activity within part of a topic, a structured dressing up with multi-sensory elements. They are generally delivered with higher energy and work well with either small groups or individuals.

Messing Around with the Sensory Resources!

Sensory Story: You Might be a Dragon

Here is the text to the story – The free downloadable PDF is below.

You might be a dragon if you have…
Huge wings that flap and swoop.

You might be a dragon if you have…
Sharp claws that tear through rocks.

You might be a dragon if you have…
Armor plates all over your scales.

You might be a dragon if you have…
Big sharp teeth for breaking bones.

You might be a dragon if you have…
Breath that makes hot fires.

You might be a dragon if you have…
Lots of gold and jewels in piles.

You might be a dragon if you have…
A long tail that swishes and flicks

You might be a dragon if you have…
Eyes that glow a terrifying red.

You might be a dragon if you have…
Horns and spikes on your head.

Linked Multi-Sensory Resources

Here are some multi sensory resources that could accompany this dragon poem:

  • Large fans or sheets to flap like wings
  • Spiky objects for children to feel and represent claws
  • Dragon dressing up costume
  • Foil or textured materials for armor plates
  • A Dragon skin blanket to wrap around the learner for Dressing up.
  • Toothbrushes or toys to represent sharp teeth
  • A hairdryer or fan to simulate hot breath
  • Fake or play gold coins and jewels for children to collect
  • long ribbon or scarves for children to wave like a tail
  • Red flashlights or glow sticks for glowing eyes
  • Paper horn or spiked headbands for children to wear

Movement and Action Ideas.

Children could use these sensory resources to build movement and exploration into their sessions.

  • Flap fans and sheets to feel like huge wings
  • Run spiky objects over rocks to mimic sharp claws
  • Fasten foil or bumpy material to pretend it’s armor
  • Direct a hairdryer to create hot breath fire
  • Collect and pile up play coins and jewels, move them between treasure chests.
  • Wave ribbons and scarves to mimic a swishing tail
  • Shine red lights to experience glowing red eyes
  • Wear horned headbands

Having actual objects and sensory experiences linked to the details in the poem can deeply engage children and help the details “come to life” in their minds. The variety of multi sensory resources allows for inclusion according to the learners needs.

You Might be a Dragon Sensory story

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