SEN Teacher: Space Resources

Space and Planets Theme Resources – Perfect for “world Space Week”. As with most of my resources a lot of these are designed to be laminated and with liberal use of velcro turned into repeatable folder tasks. My class all have a diagnosis of autism and communication difficulties. Half are PECS users. Some really enjoy worksheets (!!)  particularly maths based. I hope you find these useful. They can probably be adapted for early years or KS1

Here is a resource you can print and edit to make matching or planet identification cards. To make it more fun hide the symbols in black rice or beans.

Planet Matching Cards.


This next printable resource is a basic counting worksheet. I didn’t save the original so not easily editable I’m afraid but it is free!  Just click on and save the image file to print or import into an office doc.


Here are  sorting stars according to colour and size using in Print Symbols. In powerpoint format so should be no problems opening it or printing.

Download Here

This next group of resources require In Print 3 from Widgit Software. All are editable and Included in the Zip file. Suitable for P4-P7. If you haven’t got the software copy the images into an office document

These are some Space Worksheets with symbols you may like that match to a short book I wrote about a fictional Spaceman who dreams of going into space. Again get the laminator ready! All copyright free image from

Download Spaceman Dan PDF here



World Space Week Matching – Spaceman Dan worksheets

Juno Jupiter Probe News Lesson.

Jupiter print outs – Visual schedule and news report using Widgit inPrint symbols.

These also link to a sensory bottle we made with oil, water, and  red glitter.

Flashcards_Juno_Jupiter.JPGJupiter lesson Visual Schedule..JPGJupiter esson Larger viusal schedule.JPG

Interactive Whiteboard. Download the smart notebook file from google docs.


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