Covid-19: Back To School Resources 1

Covid-19: Back To School Resources

A collection of resources to support the transition of children back to school during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. As with all inclusiveteach resources these are free to use and designed for pupils with SEN. I primarily work with autistic pupils and need engaging, simple visuals to aid their understanding.

This will be added to over the coming weeks. Please share if you think these will be useful. Feel free to edit and adapt but I would appreciate a share of this page. Thank you. Any ideas or requests just leave in the comments.

Editable Social Distancing Poster

These are purely designed to appeal to specific learners who are more likely to engage with their favourite characters than other information about coronavirus.

PJ Mask social distancing poster school
Paw patrol social distancing poster EYFS coronavirus stay alert COVID-19

Social Distancing Visuals

To aid understanding of social distancing due to COVID-19 (You will need widgit online to make your own version).

Social distancing social story autism
Social distancing how to - SEN autism rule cards
Coronavirus social distancing visuals

Access the google slides of the social distancing rule cards here. You can then edit the wording or icons, download as a powerpoint or print.

Coronavirus poster social distancing rules autism SEND
People might ask me to move away minimal social distancing poster COVID-19
COVID-19 social rules poster for autistic children
I need some more space please minimal social distancing poster

Download these visuals here. It is a link to a google slide. You can make a copy and edit freely if you are using a different script or language for your school or setting.

Another back to school resource:

Here is an interview with a senior clinical psychologist from the NHS on what parents can do to prepare their kids to return to school, including useful tips and advice on preparing in advance, managing worry and anxiety, talking to children about the impact of Coronavirus, and links to further important resources.

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You can find the full piece here:

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