Essential Star Wars Toys for PECs and Communication Sessions

Star Wars Communication Toys: Use the Force

Seeing as my most popular post is Star Wars quotes I thought why not tap into the force and write a post on Using star wars toys, games and lightsabers in the classroom. All these have links to the products but my favourite way to gather resources is to ask fellow Jedi teachers/friends to remember my little rebel alliance when having a pre-Christmas clear out.

Prepare you must.

As I use these I will update this post with the resources I make to go with them. Sometimes playing is enough but we can often enhance the value of our resources by creating structured activities. This is especially valuable for PECS or AAC users.

The Star Wars Communication Resources.

Mr Potato Head Set of three- Buy Here.

So many opportunities for PECS use, sharing, commenting and interaction. Use a communication board to structure requests.

Star wars potato head printable free communication
Free Printable Communication Board

Colour changing storm-trooper sensory Light – Buy Here.

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 20.10.20

A pretty cheap way to brighten up a sensory space. Students can comment on the colour changes.

A set of 12 inflatable lightsabers. – Buy Here.

Inflatable free lightsabers resources SEN

Good for PECS attributes especially if you have a hard plastic lightsaber as well. So you can request colours, size, texture.

Classic Star wars memory game. – Buy Here.

AAC game star wars autism

Who doesn’t love a memory game? Try this board to enhance the communication aspect.

Star wars memory game communication board

Pop Up Darth Vader! – Buy Here.

AAC PECS dart vader

No School is complete without a pop-up pirate. But this has sound effects. Again communication opportunities in requesting the colour of the lightsabers and commenting on the pop up etc.

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Sphero BB8 – Buy Here.


Put your ipads to use. This can be a simple as a remote control or even to teach the basics of coding and computing.

Light saber timer toothbrush. – Buy Here.

SEN autism independence skills star wars

Independence skills are an essential part of any SEN school curriculum. Lets make it more fun.

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