Inclusive Teacher: My Little Worry Book

Emotional Regulation.

We are working hard on supporting some of our guys with emotions and emotional regulation as well as trying to find ways to help them identify how they feel and what they can do if they feel that way.

Emotions Autism Worry book.jpg

A Quick Idea

I needed something quick and simple to support a young student through a difficult time. She was very reliant on staff to support her with very little idea  ways she could help herself without getting overwhelmed. Her actions suggested she needed some prompts to think of ways to ask for help.


Little worry book emotional regulation strategy autism

On this site I found an idea for a self-care book. So I loaded up the computer and set to work adapting it. The editable .ipdoc file is here  (open with widgit softwares InPrint 3)

All it takes is a bit of folding and cutting out the emotions and strategies and you are good to go. I just folded and taped all the emotions so they can be flipped over and matched to a calming strategy.

Download the little worry book PDF Free here.

Great books about feelings/emotions.

How are you feeling today book.jpg

How are you feeling today is a book I have used. Quite a lot of info on each page.

colour monster free.jpg

The colour monster is a great pop up book that links colours and feelings. This is my daughters favourite book.


Feelings, inside my heart and inside my head is a steal for 3.99!


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