Fuzzy Ocean: Tactile Book Review & Resources 1

Fuzzy Ocean: Tactile Book Review & Resources

Fuzzy Ocean book and teaching resources

This book was a Christmas present for the youngest (3). It quickly become apparent that Fuzzy Ocean was a very engaging book. We could discuss sea creatures and fish as well as link to positional language. Fuzzy ocean would also fit well with the Blue Abyss sensory story created for an underwater topic. I have to say I had an immediate soft spot for this book as it reminded me of the fuzzy-felt activity sets I had as a child. Fuzzy Ocean really does have some educational value.

Fuzzy Ocean Interactive Fuzzy Felt Book.

Creative Felt book sea topic EYFS literacy

The book has a narrative of sorts, with each of the 20 soft-felt characters having a role in the story. The creatures do just about stick and get more effective the more they are manipulated. If you hold the book upright they will probably fall off. The little plastic storage box at the top of the page is holding up okay so far but I can see it getting looser and more likely to split the more it is used.

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Fuzzy ocean under the sea book

Fuzzy Ocean Teaching Resources.

The beauty of this book is that it comes with manipulatives. These are easily used to create ad-hoc lessons. For any teachers reading this, there are a number of resources we have made to use to extend the learning potential of the book. These include Maths worksheets with simple counting, grouping and size worksheets (14 basic numeracy worksheets in total). They should suit EYFS or even KS1 children.

Free Fuzzy Ocean printable teaching resources Unser the sea topic EYFS
Maths Worksheet Pack
Fuzzy Ocean: Tactile Book Review & Resources 2

We hope you enjoyed reading our Review of Fuzzy Ocean. There is also a post on the top 5 children’s books, and an Awesome book about Autism for Children. We are also lucky enough to feature an Autistic author who outlined her journey to getting published for our site.

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