Sensory Story: You Might be Santa 1
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Sensory Story: You Might be Santa

A Free Christmas Sensory Story

You might be Santa forms part of our “You might be” style sensory story collection. These stories are based on becoming the character by adding props or a costume. They are super simple and designed to appeal to as wide a range of learners and curriculum topics as possible.

To deliver the story collect all the sensory objects in a bag, box, or, in this particular instance, Father Christmas’s sack. Afterward, the article is removed either upon or following the reading of the specified statement. Throughout this task, use your skills to generate excitement and curiosity in anticipation of the eventual unveiling. You might also be interested in our post linking Sensory Stories to specific learning intentions.

Learning Activities Linked to You Might Be Santa.

  • Watching video clips of Santa in movies and cartoons to act out scenes. You could record the clips onto a big mack or talker, add the clips to an eye gaze or gridplayer.
  • Using props like bells, empty gift bags or boxes, candy canes, etc. for students to interact with.
  • Acting out going down chimneys, filling stockings, eating cookies and milk.
  • Describing the details of the enchanted sleigh and reindeer.
  • Discuss life at the North Pole with Mrs Claus baking treats and the elves making toys.

The Sensory Elements to Include

Here are some great sensory items you could add for the story or as an exploration bag or tuff tray activities linked to the sensory story about Santa:

  • Smooth, shiny red and gold ribbons symbolising the colours of the north pole/Christmas
  • A piece of red felt or fabric to represent his suit. Students can feel the soft, fuzzy material.
  • Bells that jingle like on the sleigh. The ringing sounds will bring the story to life.
  • Reindeer food (oats, sequins and glitter) that students can touch and sprinkle for the reindeer.
  • Miniature gift boxes to explore the excitement of Christmas presents
  • A fake white beard for students to try on. They can imagine what it’s like to have a long, bushy beard.
  • Icy-cold fake snow to evoke a wintery wonderland
  • Essential oils with scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, pine trees or oranges. The fragrances represent the smells of Christmas. Use these in all your activities linked to Christmas to support making links with the learning.
  • Pictures of the sleigh, reindeer, elves, North Pole, etc. for students to see visual details.
  • Candy canes for students to taste or small and also associate with Christmas.
  • A little stuffed reindeer or elf toy which students can hold. Soft toys provide comfort and delight.
  • Wrapped empty boxes or bags that sound like Santa delivering presents when dropped into the bag.
  • Sleigh-shaped cookie cutters for fun sensory play with clay or playdough.
  • Fake reindeer hoofprints or sleigh tracks. Students can see evidence that Santa and his reindeer were there!
  • A globe or map for students to locate the North Pole. They can visualise his secret village.
  • Pine needles, evergreen branches or Christmas tree ornaments for students to touch and connect to Christmas trees and decorating. These can be brilliantly glittery for running a torch over.
Christmas Immersive Sensory Space.

This variety of sensory items will fully immerse students in the wonder of Father Christmas’s winter journey! Fill the exploration bag with any items you like for an engaging experience. Provide clues and puzzles in the items for an interactive adventure. Most of all, have fun sharing the activity.

You Might Be Santa Sensory Story

Below are two versions of the multi-sensory story. The first is much more simple. I have attached a PDF version above for free download but feel free to edit, add or remove objects depending on what you have to hand. There should be nothing too technical or specific in this story.

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You might be Santa if you have…
A belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly.

You might be Santa if you have…
A long tickely, white beard.

You might be Santa if you have…
A loud jolly laugh.

You might be Santa if you have…
A bright red jacket.

You might be Santa if you have…
Big shiny black boots.

You might be Santa if you have…
A hat with soft fur trim

You might be Santa if you have…
A bag full of toys for good girls and boys.

You might be Santa if you have…
Friendly reindeer to pull your sleigh.

You might be Santa if you have…
Elves to help make toys all year.

You might be Santa if you have…
A list to find out who’s naughty or nice.

You might be Santa if you have…
The spirit of Christmas in your heart.

You are Santa!!!!!!!!

You Might Be Santa Sensory Story (More Complex Version)

This version just extends the vocabulary used in the story.

You might be Santa if your belly shakes like jelly wobbling in a bowl when you laugh.

You might be Santa if your long white beard tickles like soft feathers brushing your cheeks.

You might be Santa if your laugh fills the air like church bells ringing, big and jolly.

You might be Santa if your bright red jacket shines like the glow of a warm fire.

You might be Santa if your big shiny boots go clomp, clomp, clomp down from your sleigh

You might be Santa if your fur-trimmed hat feels so soft and cosy on your head.

You might be Santa if your bag is stuffed full of toys that crinkle and rattle for good girls and boys.

You might be Santa if your reindeer’s paws stamp and snort, impatient to pull your sleigh across the sky.

You might be Santa if your elves make toys all year long with hammers tapping and saws buzzing.

You might be Santa if you check your long rustling list twice to see who’s naughty and nice

You might be Santa if the spirit of Christmas fills your heart with joy, peace and love for one and all.

You might be Santa sensory story. A pixar style Santa front cover.

We hope you have enjoyed this free sensory story please share or leave a comment below if you have used in with your class.

You might be Santa Christmas Sensory Story for PMLD learners

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