NPQSL: Final Project

Completing The NPQSL

Following the completion of my NPQML (after 2 attempts) I began the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders (NPQSL) in April 2018. I have to admit I didn’t find the activities or face to face days as engaging as the NPQML but the process overall was very similar.

I only wrote one post from the NPQSL and this whole blog was set up because of the ML. I did write a case study and a lot of posts are outcomes of the project. I presented part of the underlying research at Canterbury Christ Church University’s SNIPCC conference.

A lot was re-covering aspects of leadership roles from the NPQML. One session that was particularly challenging was a grilling by a panel consisting of a headteacher, a finance guru and a governor on a fictional school improvement plan. This, as it turned out was good training for a recent  OFSTED inspection. People will find a hole in your plan and hammer you! I have since undertaken this exact task during a “Goldfish Bowl” task during an interview process.

The focus of the course is very much on your project, planning and driving it. The aim is to enhance your leadership in education and it does allow you to focus your efforts on a project that can have a real impact on your school.

After 18 months of working on the project, I completed and submitted it, and waited. I checked my email Friday night and there it was:

Dear Participant,

Following your recent assessment, your result and feedback are now available.

You can access your result and feedback on the EMLC website (

The outcome of this opening could ruin my weekend. I text my colleague to say the results were in and she said she was going to wait until the morning. As I like to live life on the edge with pounding heart and fuzzy vision (I’m only mildly over-dramatising this) I logged in.

NPQSL results Letter extract

No Blog Post would be complete without top tips so here are my top 11 tips for completing your NPQSL:

Top Ten Eleven Tips for Getting your NPQSL Completed.

  1. Have a clear aim to your NPQSL project.
  2. Don’t be afraid to adapt a plan.
  3. Don’t be afraid to reflect on mistakes.
  4. Don’t hold back on celebrating successes.
  5. Collaborate outside your school.
  6. Keep evidence as you go.
  7. Evidence of every impact, charts, emails, tables.
  8. Choose a good team to support your project and prove buy-in.
  9. Don’t shrink evidence below standard font.
  10. Your leadership drove the improvement. No modesty.
  11. Your sponsor comments are vital reinforcement.

As with any document proofreading is essential I use Grammarly. Its free and easy to use.

gramarly logo.png

The Project Submission

I want to share my completed NPQSL project. Examples online are few and far between. I have had to redact some parts and evidence for obvious reasons and being a SEN provision my focus is unlikely to be the same but I hope the content and style should give you some pointers. All I ask is that you take the time to share with your colleagues.

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Redacted Final NPQSL Project submission

Infographic Completing your NPQSL NPQML project


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