Teacher Appraisal: 5 Essential Questions to Discuss

Teacher Appraisals in Schools

The appraisal process is an essential part of not only a member of staff’s professional development but also in the process of school improvement and review. Here are 5 questions an appraisee should ask themselves as part of the process. This will help you prepare for the meeting and go into the process with an idea of the support you need to reach your potential in any role. Remember this is your appraisal, own it!

5 Essential Questions Appraisees Should Ask Themselves

  1. What is expected of me, my professional standards and in terms of wider contribution?
  2. What impact am I making now?
  3. Which areas of my performance have the potential for improvement?
  4. What support, training or coaching do I need?
  5. What impact will this have for me in the future?
5 essential Appraisal Questions

Exemplar Responses to Teacher Appraisal Questions

What is expected of me, my professional standards and in terms of wider contribution?

I am expected to effectively implement our curriculum to ensure all students can achieve their full potential. I aim to implement teaching strategies that have impact, assessing this regularly to ensure standards are met. This year I will implement and evaluate my role as Head of Year to positively impact attendance, behaviour and wellbeing.

What impact am I making now?

My implementations of differentiated activities and targeted questioning have had positive impact, with most groups making strong progress. Behaviour strategies introduced this term have resulted in a marked decrease in disruptions impacting learning. As HoY, restorative approaches implemented are reducing exclusions and impacting improved relationships.

Which areas of my performance have the potential for improvement?

While most groups are positively impacted, implementing further support for lower attainers could maximize progress. Extending those making the most progress through greater challenges could also further impact attainment. Implementing\marking improvements could better impact future learning.

What support, training or coaching do I need?

Training on new differentiation strategies will support me to implement varied approaches extending impact. Peer coaching on questioning will help me implement techniques maximizing discussions’ impact. Release time observing LSA interventions would support my planning and implementation skills to better impact these individuals. I take professional development very seriously and take ownership of my own learning.

What impact will this have on me in the future?

With a focus on implementation, applying new strategies should further positively impact progress data. Stronger implementation of parent partnerships should impact behaviour and attendance culture. Developing these skills sets me up to implement initiatives successfully, extending my impact and career opportunities over time.

Links Between Appraisal and Interviews

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There is a strong link between the appraisal process and any interview process you might be going for during the course of the year. By preparing and really reflecting on your performance you will be building up an effective picture of your skills, strengths and achievements. The appraisal is also an opportunity to reflect on initiatives you have led or been part of that didn’t go so well. All of this can help hone your answers to common Interview questions.

Focus Appraisals on Impact On Teaching & Learning

Whatever your role in a school or college your practice should constantly be focused on having an impact on teaching and learning. If you are a site manager how have you contributed to ensuring a safe learning environment? If you are a midday meals supervisor how have you ensured a culture of safeguarding extends to your role?

Each person who works in a school contributes and will have had successes and failures. A failure is only a failure if you do not learn and grow from it. If you have had a difficult year use your appraisal to reflect on the learning you gained from it. What do you need to make next year better?

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