How to Write Engaging Blog Posts

Writing Engaging Blog Posts: Evaluating Mine

I strive to ensure my education blog is as informative as possible and are not littered with spelling mistakes. I am not the best speller, autocorrect is my friend and as a teacher, I have a phobia of writing on the board in case of mistakes. For the last week, I have been re-editing a number of my blogs with the help of Grammarly to improve the typos and any grammatical issues that crept in. I reflected on writing for this site and developing my knowledge of SEO in this post.

This has helped me realise I could have done a few things to make them a bit better and more interesting, or at least easier to read. If you haven’t yet started blogging I really recommend giving it a go. Why should you start to write a blog I hear you ask? For my 100th blog post on I wrote this post on 100 reasons why you should start blogging.

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Blogging is often a hobby or sideline,therefore it is also a trade-off between time and quality. Sometimes you write a blog for a specific reason. More often I find myself writing blogs in an unplanned manner as inspiration strikes. Some of the more spontaneous blogs have been more successful than those I spent hours planning, writing and editing.

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6 Tips for Improving Your Blogs

  1. Use the “Heading” options to structure your page. This also makes it easier for search engines to identify what your blog post is about.
  2. Include an engaging visual to give interest. Feel free to use some from my Quotes page or make your own. I like or Typorama on an Ipad. Hopefully people will then share this on Pinterest gaining you some additional traffic.
  3. Include some tips or ideas people can apply to their own settings. List posts seem to be popular.
  4. Stick to one clear idea. I have some longer posts that generally get fewer hits than the shorter blogs, you can always make a summary post as well or a series.
  5. Use a proofreading app/program. Grammarly is great free and easy to use. The free version will quickly enable you to see errors in spelling and grammar, the premium version will suggest improvements to phrasing as well.
  6. Inviting people to share a guest post can be a great way to connect and support other professionals. Also, this can help keep your blog fresh if you have writer’s block.
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