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AAC Game: Shark Bite

AAC Games for Communication

Our next review for a game suitable for AAC users is Shark Bite. I bought this reduced at a supermarket. Shark does does tick the boxes for being suitable for use in communication and interaction sessions. It has a surprise movement to make you jump. The game has multicoloured accessories and it has an element of fine motor skills. As the sea creatures you have to fish for are coloured you can request objects with attributes if you are working with a PECS user. It is a relatively simple game, doesn’t need batteries and easy to adapt to your needs.

AAC game Shark bite for communication interaction and joint attention

What is AAC?

AAC stands for Augmentative and alternative communication. The acronym refers to a range of methods used to communicate where expressive or receptive communication is compromised. AAC systems complement or completely replace speech or writing for those with communication difficulties. Common alternative communication systems include eye-gaze, text to voice processing, PECS, Big Macs, PODD books. has a selection of AAC games and resources, click the button below to view them.

Using Shark Bite as an AAC game/activity

This is a hit in our household. It is reliable as the shark will bite once per game which builds that sense of expectation. Our three year old did get a little frustrated trying to catch the fish but with a bit of practice is improving. In the official version of the game you roll a dice and catch that many fish. As an AAC game you could structure the activity so that they comment on what colour and how many they are going to catch. As with most of the AAC games on it is great for turn taking. I have attached a suggested widgit symboled communication board. To make your own you will need a subscription to widgit online.

Shark bite aac game communication board symbols.

Extending Learning

As we were playing this I thought it would be interesting to extend the learning a little bit. I created these task boards that outline a specific pattern that the child can fish for. This builds in some grouping and counting to the activity. Download the boards below. I would love to hear what you have used Shark Bite for in your lessons.

Click the button below to download the free SEN 8 page matching and colour pattern PDF worksheets.

Shark bite SEN numeracy worksheet

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