Special Education and Inclusive Learning


Developing resilience in children

Guest Post – Developing resilience in children Developing resilience in children is written for inclusiveteach.com by Jessica Robinson. Life is a beautiful journey, but it is not always a bed of roses. There are moments of sadness, stress and grief….

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Maths: Multisensory Activities for Teaching Big and Small

Maths: Big and Small Big and Small These concepts are generally taught together but we also use them to describe objects without a comparative object. “wow that’s a big smile” “what a big yawn!”. In fact, we throw around size-related…

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Life Skills Sensory Stories

Here you will find all our life skill linked sensory stories. Unlike some of our other stories these are written to meet a specific element of the skills a child will need as they grow up to enhance their level…

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Sensory Story: We are Knights!

I wanted to do a more fun sensory story. Heavily inspired by Pete Wells And his very funny sensory stories I wrote “We are Knights” for our History topic. Just a bit of fun but I have included suggested sensory…

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AAC Game: Frustration

Frustration is a classic game that one of my classes chose to buy with their pocket money (Residential school). The one we have is the slamtastic version. It is brilliant for developing a range of skills. The flip paddles add…

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AAC Game: Shark Bite

AAC Games for Communication Our next review for a game suitable for AAC users is Shark Bite. I bought this reduced at a supermarket. Shark does does tick the boxes for being suitable for use in communication and interaction sessions….

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Sensory Learning Activities: An A-Z.

free transport topic SEN teaching resources

Why sensory Learning? Sensory learning – Sensory activities are those designed by educators to facilitate exploration encouraging children to use all their senses while they, create, investigate and explore. This is usually conducted through play although in the settings I…

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Inclusive Classroom: 5 Things to Consider when Including a Student in your Class

Orange and white writing: Inclusive Teacher: 5 Things to Consider when Including a Student in your Class

For my first post I thought I would write a few ideas about making your classroom as accessible and inclusive as possible. Each student is of course an individual and these are just general ideas that may help you.

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