Special Education and Inclusive Learning


All About Me: Resource Review

In SEN one of the most important things is to get to know your pupil. All about me sessions are a generally accepted part of the process. These lessons are often done in September on change of class or on…

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Diversity: 3 Great Picture Books

Diversity in society is a really important topic to start addressing with children as soon as possible. This is especially true for children in a special school they are already marginalised in certain sections of society. I found these books…

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Sensory Learning Activities: An A-Z.

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Why sensory Learning? Sensory learning – Sensory activities are those designed by educators to facilitate exploration encouraging children to use all their senses while they, create, investigate and explore. This is usually conducted through play although in the settings I…

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Sibling relationships in Neurodiverse families

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The interactions, bonds and relationships of a family unit are so diverse that what may help one family will insult another.

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