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Life Skills Sensory Stories

Here you will find all our life skill linked sensory stories. Unlike some of our other stories these are written to meet a specific element of the skills a child will need as they grow up to enhance their level of independence. Written for stage rather than age these rhyming sensory stories should engage most… Continue reading Life Skills Sensory Stories

heat and autism case study
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Case Study: Hot Weather and Behaviour

How would hot weather influence behaviour? This seemed apt to post now as the country simmers slowly beneath the summer sun. This post is based on observations and frequency data over a shorter period of hot weather. Whilst analysing the behavioural incident data records a spike in frequency for a specific group of 9 students… Continue reading Case Study: Hot Weather and Behaviour

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Teaching Alternative Behaviours.

Many young people I have taught have found efficient and effective ways of communicating a need or a want at some point in the past that then becomes their primary way of communicating. Unfortunate as they grow and develop into young adults this communicative behaviour becomes a barrier to so many aspects of life. What… Continue reading Teaching Alternative Behaviours.

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Guest Blog: Developing a CPD model

Lynn McCann writes this post about developing an effective model for delivering continuing professional development courses. She supports a range of schools and other educational organisations with students with additional needs. Lynn runs a consultancy business, she is definitely concerned about the outcomes of her support on the children. She supplies a lot of free… Continue reading Guest Blog: Developing a CPD model

Autism facial expressions
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Autism: Facial Expressions and Interactions.

When you are a teacher of autistic children, you have a really important role in their lives, you are in a position with responsibility to carry out a task that can impact their wellbeing for life. How often do we question our ability to do this? I don't mean write a lesson plan. I mean educate a child who processes the world differently to you.

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Transitions and Barriers: The Environment

Autism can create barriers, we as teachers can also unwittingly create barriers. We must take a moment to consider our actions and decisions in terms of how they may create issues for those we are responsible for educating. The environment is also a source of barriers for some of our students. Audio Narration here:… Continue reading Transitions and Barriers: The Environment

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Essentials Skills For Teaching in SEN

At no point in this blog am I suggesting that teaching in special education is harder or more challenging than teaching in general. To one extent or other all teachers are teachers of SEN. However those choosing to teach in a specialist or alternative provision need a certain 'toolkit' of skills. So in no particular… Continue reading Essentials Skills For Teaching in SEN

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Inclusive Classroom: OZOBOT

Always on the lookout for computing technology that is accessible and engaging to all my students I invested in 1 Ozobot. A small programmable robot. It is, I would say the simplest device I have bought to support our computing curriculum, In less than 5 minutes I had it running around the maze supplied with… Continue reading Inclusive Classroom: OZOBOT