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Using Plickers in Class (SEN)

Plickers as an Engaging Assessment Tool

Plickers is an interactive assessment tool that allows teachers to quickly gather and assess student responses. It uses a combination of paper cards with unique QR codes and a mobile device app to scan and collect data.

How to use Plickers app in class: adaptations for SEN

Teachers can create multiple-choice or true/false questions on the Plickers website and assign them to their classes. Each student is then given a Plickers card, which they hold up with their answer choice facing up. The teacher scans the room with their mobile device, and the app collects the data and displays the results in real-time.

One of the advantages of Plickers is its simplicity and efficiency. It eliminates the need for costly clickers or individual devices for each student.

Today I tried the Plickers app in class for the first time, I conducted a short plenary quiz with questions about the book we have been reading. It worked and the students loved it.

The PE Specialist has created an In-Depth post about how they use Plickers in PE.

Adaptations to Plickers Cards for SEN Learners

Plickers Logo

I need to make some adaptations due to the SEN need in my class.

The students found it hard to hold the cards without covering the Code. I have ordered matt laminating sheets to give a bigger edge to grip and to stiffen them.

Some of the students (working at old P levels) struggled to identify the answer they wanted. Instead of ABCD as the options I am going to laminate symbols or images relating to the choices. These can be changed quickly and easily once prepared.

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The small group size (7) meant I could individually capture each card. This is a fun and engaging way to gather assessment results for a whole class but is quite a lot of logistical workload in setting up. I still think old technology works just as well.

Plickers answer example.
Screenshot from the Plickers Ipad App.
Plickers IPAd screenshot assessment tool

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 5_33_05 PM
Plickers Logo

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