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5 Reasons old technology is the best.


There is a whole industry set up to sell you fantastic new technology. But do you need it? Most people are just reaching the top of the learning curve for the last bit of tech they bought/were given/told to use to make their lessons better.

So why start all over again? Old Technology is not going away, and the pace of change is phenomenal. Generally I’m all for embracing it, I just think we should commit for a bit longer. This is also good for your stress levels. unreliable tech is a serious headache. #teacher5aday

  1. It Still works. There is nothing better than technology… when it works.
    bruce almighty.gif
  2. You know how it works. You don’t have to relearn how to turn it on.
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  3. There will still be a function you never knew it had.
    tech features.gif
  4. You will be more confident about using it innovatively because it probably already has (more than a few) scratches.
  5. You will find a new way to use it (or a student will) actually its almost definite that a student will discover this.
    child tech.gif

Update: Seems their is a bit of a movement for fans of old tech!

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