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13 Signs you are not a Digital Native.

Digital Natives is a phrase coined by Marc Prensky in his 2001 paper Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. He suggests that there has been a huge shift in the way young people today learn, identify themselves etc. This is due to a huge event (or Singularity). The widespread dissemination of digital technology.

That as today’s students have spent their whole lives surrounded by connected technology they think and process information very differently to us digital immigrants. I’m not sure I fully support the view we are therefore somehow at a loss as to how to teach these technocrats of the digital realm. But there are some noticeable cultural differences.

This is a lighthearted half-term post as part of #29daysofwriting. Please feel free to add your observations in the comments section.


You abhor music played through a phone’s speaker.


Your thumbs ache if you text too much.


You still text.

texting 2.gif

You read a newspaper (the paper version).


You refuse to even read about apple pay.

You refuse to believe any wikipedia articles.


Despite multiple corrupt drives you still use a USB stick.


Post-It notes.


You have a CD collection.


You feel the need to go-offline (but post it as a status first).


You have a clock in your house.


You still say “in real life”

You have a box of photos in a drawer.

Photo album.gif

Bonus: You used the phrase digital native.


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