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Online Safety & SEN 2: Why is it so important?

This is part 2 of the Online Safety & SEN series. In this blog I will look at why it is so important that our most vulnerable students are supported. What is it that makes students with special educational needs so vulnerable? I am primarily talking about those students with complex needs (ASD, SLD, PMLD,… Continue reading Online Safety & SEN 2: Why is it so important?

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6 Apps for Creative Teachers.

Graphic Design Apps for Teacher Graphic design for teachers, or at least those of us not blessed with artistic talents used to be limited to choosing Comic Sans or Times New Roman for worksheets. Now thanks to the wonders of modern technology we can use a range of tools to create engaging and interesting visuals.… Continue reading 6 Apps for Creative Teachers.

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Why We Need to Stop Saying “In Real Life’

Devaluing Online Identity. This idea formed part of my presentation for the Wellbeing curriculum at the BETT show. I am going to say that the phrase "In Real Life". Often used to distinguish between online activity and activity in our tangible immediate physical surroundings. Should be retired. The audio version below. https://soundcloud.com/joe-white-358637791/why-we-need-to-stop-saying-in-real-life Please bear in… Continue reading Why We Need to Stop Saying “In Real Life’

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13 Signs you are not a Digital Native.

Digital Natives is a phrase coined by Marc Prensky in his 2001 paper Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. He suggests that there has been a huge shift in the way young people today learn, identify themselves etc. This is due to a huge event (or Singularity). The widespread dissemination of digital technology. That as today's students… Continue reading 13 Signs you are not a Digital Native.

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SEN Technology: Adaptations and Accessibility.

However you look at it students with additional needs do not have the same access to technology as their peers. Specialist equipment is very expensive. The school may have excellent provision, is this the same at home? In their residential provision? Will the same technology or better be available to them in their future placements?… Continue reading SEN Technology: Adaptations and Accessibility.

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iPads in the Sensory Room

There are many ways to make a learning space more engaging, one of the quickest and most versatile is... the teacher. Running a close second is by using technology.¬†In terms of interactivity specialist¬†sensory room equipment cannot be beaten, it is hard wearing and well designed. However it is quite expensive. An effective sensory room is… Continue reading iPads in the Sensory Room

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Inclusive Classroom: OZOBOT

Always on the lookout for computing technology that is accessible and engaging to all my students I invested in 1 Ozobot. A small programmable robot. It is, I would say the simplest device I have bought to support our computing curriculum, In less than 5 minutes I had it running around the maze supplied with… Continue reading Inclusive Classroom: OZOBOT

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First Attempt at Using Plickers in Class (SEN)

Today I tried the Plickers app in class for the first time, I conducted a short plenary quiz with questions about the book we have been reading. It worked and the students loved it but.... I need to make some adaptations. The students found it hard to hold the cards without covering the Code. I… Continue reading First Attempt at Using Plickers in Class (SEN)