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I have attached the comprehensive PowerPoint presentation from the Online Safety training session that I conducted. This training was specifically designed for those who had expressed their interest in learning about online safety and digital security. It covers a wide range of essential topics, including best practices for protecting personal information, identifying potential online threats, and implementing effective security measures. The presentation is packed with valuable insights, practical tips, and engaging visuals to ensure that you gain a solid understanding of online safety. Feel free to explore and share this resource with others who may benefit from it!

KCSIE 2023 and Online Safety

Whilst we are not all digital natives we all need to keep up to date and aware of the changes in technology that present a risk to our pupils. Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023 has a strong emphasis on online safety. If you are a DSL here are some questions about KCSIE 2023 that you may be asked.

For all of us without exception, technology is a fundamental part of our professional lives, and for some of us our personal lives too..

Alan Mackenzie @esafetyadviser
  • Content has been added regarding expectations about content to be covered in relation to staff online safety training providing an ‘understanding of the expectations, applicable roles and responsibilities in relation to filtering and monitoring’.
  • Emphasis is added to clarify that designated safeguarding leads are responsible for online safety, including understanding the filtering and monitoring systems and processes in place.
  • It is expected that the school/college child protection policy should cover appropriate filtering and monitoring on school devices and networks.
  • Additional content to reflect that filtering and monitoring decisions should consider ‘those who are potentially at greater risk of harm and how often they access the IT system.’
  • New links to direct schools to consider how they are meeting the DfE ‘Filtering and monitoring standards for schools and colleges’ and ‘Cyber security standards for schools and colleges’.
  • In part three, it is clarified that schools and colleges must inform shortlisted candidates about the possibility of online searches as part of due diligence checks.
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Online Safety What bother Children Online

SBS e-safety april 2015 Final – Click to download

I express my sincerest gratitude to the esteemed individuals whose invaluable expertise and input have played a pivotal role in elevating the quality and effectiveness of our Online Safety training program. Your profound insights, knowledge, and guidance have enriched this endeavour, making it not only engaging but also highly informative for all participants.

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