Using Powerpoint to make Worksheets for SEN

Easy and Simple Teaching Resource Design

When it comes to creating materials for my classroom, I find Powerpoint to be an invaluable tool. Its versatile features allow me to design a wide range of worksheets, task boards, and other adaptive tasks that cater to the individual needs of my students.

One particular approach we implement in our class is the TEACCH system, which emphasises creating an environment that promotes independence and structured learning. With Powerpoint, I can easily incorporate visual supports, interactive elements, and customisable templates to provide a highly personalised and engaging learning experience for my students. Whether it’s creating visual schedules, interactive flashcards, or task completion charts, Powerpoint allows me to create resources that not only reinforce academic concepts but also support the development of vital life skills. By harnessing the power of technology and utilising the features of Powerpoint, I can unlock new possibilities in teaching and ensure that all of my students can reach their full potential.

Free How To Make Resources Using Powerpoint PDF Guide

Download Using Powerpoint To Make Resources How To Guide

This involves the student completing a number of tasks as independently as possible. These are usually laminated and attached with velcro for matching tasks.

Below is an example teaching resource available on our TES shop

Making Teaching Resources Using Powerpoint
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