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Why We Need to Stop Saying “In Real Life’

Devaluing Online Identity. This idea formed part of my presentation for the Wellbeing curriculum at the BETT show. I am going to say that the phrase "In Real Life". Often used to distinguish between online activity and activity in our tangible immediate physical surroundings. Should be retired. The audio version below. https://soundcloud.com/joe-white-358637791/why-we-need-to-stop-saying-in-real-life Please bear in… Continue reading Why We Need to Stop Saying “In Real Life’

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The Wellbeing Curriculum 2015

After Attending the Child Internet Summit I was inspired to develop a new curriculum to replace our PHSE and Citizenship curriculums. I wanted to move the focus for online safety away from computing and ensure that whilst it is threaded throughout the curriculum there was an area we could focus on online issues in a cohesive manner.… Continue reading The Wellbeing Curriculum 2015