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Digital Inclusion: The unseen barrier

Digital Inclusion.

UK population digital inclusion scale

When we talk about digital inclusion of our students we need to be mindful of the barriers that may exist in our student’s, staff teams as well as in the home environment. Technology today is easier to use than ever. Often a device works straight out of the box with minimal set up time needed.

However the graph above shows 14% of the population will not engage with the internet, through lack of confidence or lack of resources or motivation. This will probably include a proportion of our stakeholders.

To make the most progress we know our students need consistency and high expectations. Our biggest successes occur when we can provide strategies that are applicable in all settings. For this reason part of our digital inclusion policy should be the engagement of stakeholders in training or discussion. That way when you find a technology or adaptation that works you can share it between all those working for the child.

Staff are easy to engage through CPD, this can be made mandatory if you have identified it as essential for supporting the student’s. Supporting parents is harder but needs to be attempted as students make the most progress when their learning is supported at home.

Can anyone share any successes they have had engaging/upskilling parents?

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