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Tips For Staying Positive From #SpEdSC

First of all I need to apologise for neglecting #SpEdSC this term. I will refocus soon I promise. In the meantime here are a collection of great ideas from last months slow chat. If you don’t follow this group of international edutweeters I strongly recommend doing so.

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If you work in Special Education (or Education as it should be called) then you will know the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. You will be faced by a multitude of challenges daily. Some you will have strategies for, some no matter how long you have taught for will take you by surprise.

Some of these tips relate to your mental health, physical health and others are coping strategies. I like the point Glenys makes about the importance of supervisions, particularly when you know you are listened to and supported.

Matt makes a good point, sometimes education and the pressures of school life can seem overwhelming. There will be times when external pressures, environmental factors, unexpected political changes all threaten your carefully laid plans. Identify those you can control. Hopefully you will have a leadership team that are prepared to listen and rationalise demands. If you work in a school where teaching staff don’t have this influence @thatboycanteach has a great blog on taking the power back.

Exercise was a popular suggestion. Not my favourite pastime but I do enjoy walking to work when I get a chance. Great opportunity for reflection and one of my #teacher5aday pledges.

When you work with children who see and process the world differently you will encounter behaviour that challenges you. However as @Scatti1 points out you shouldn’t ever take it personally. I cannot think of any time when this has been meant personally. It is usually purely a manifestation of frustration caused by miscommunication. So take a step back, deep breath and move forward.

These final three ideas are great. How about a memory jar or secret success diary to remember those times you had a positive impact. These don’t have to be huge things. Every teacher must be able to conjure up a memory of a time you cheered someone up, you helped a student through a difficult time, when you made a difference.

Thanks for reading please add your ideas in the comments section.

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