Interview questions and answers for teaching assistants

Interview Questions and Answers for Teaching Assistants.

Here are 10 interview questions that you may be asked when interviewing to become a teaching assistant (TA)/learning support assistant (LSA). I have also added a potential answer to a couple of the questions. Generic answers are good for ticking boxes but to really impress the interviewer you need examples from your previous experience. If… Continue reading Interview Questions and Answers for Teaching Assistants.

SEN interview teaching activities hints and tips
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The SEND Interview Teaching Activity

Our recruitment and interview process posts are very popular. However we haven't talked about the teaching interview activity. One of the questions we get asked is around the teaching side of the interview process. Candidates for teaching positions almost always have to demonstrate their teaching skills through an observed teaching activity. During the interview process… Continue reading The SEND Interview Teaching Activity

the student panel interview questions
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Interview Questions: Student Panel

This guide will hopefully provide an insight into some of the questions you can expect to face when undertaking a student panel interview, remember that this part of the interview process is designed to compliment the other parts. Remember to ask questions back. If you have a student council - What do they think of you?