My First Twitter Chat: #SpecialEdChat

Well its the holidays & I was missing the usual special needs focused chats. There is a hashtag that comes up every Wednesday evening but there is no action. I thought this might be an opportunity for a bit of hashtag squatting. I tweeted out info about a pop up style chat at that time to see if anyone was interested. Got some great feedback so here we are!

I have rewritten these questions a few times, some I have answers for, some I don’t, a couple are written to generate debate, but its the discussion that’s key so here are our prompt questions for the night.

The Storify of the Chat is here in pdf: transition-sen-specialedchat

#Specialedchat – SEN and Transition

Q1 In your experience what is it about change that causes young people the most anxiety? #SpecialEDchat 


Q2 Should we prepare children for September transition in June/July, or does this cause additional anxiety? #SpecialEDchat  Q2

Q3 What resources do you use or actions do you take to support transition to a new classroom or placement? #SpecialEDchat 


Q4 How do you involve the student &/or parents in transition planning. #SpecialEDchat Q4

Q5 Share what you are most enthusiastic about teaching when you get back to class. #SpecialEDchat 




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