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Why is Inclusive Education Essential?

Inclusive education is at the heart of education thinking in the UK but seems constantly challenged by policies such as Zero Tolerance behaviour and spending cuts that remove the support so important for our children to thrive in school.

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10 Game Of Thrones Quotes For Teachers

There are some excellent lessons us educators can take  from George RR Martin's epic tale of the fight for the throne of Westeros. Friendship, struggle against adversary, loyalty to name just a few. Here are a selection of quotes that you may find apply to you or your students. "Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no… Continue reading 10 Game Of Thrones Quotes For Teachers

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7 Tips for unwinding after a challenging day

Okay so this is a bit of a cheat blog, I have used a twitter chat to crowdsource - (tweetsource?) these tips for you. So we have advice from a range of connected educators all in one place! I asked the question: What is the best advice you have received on unwinding after a challenging… Continue reading 7 Tips for unwinding after a challenging day

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Star Wars Quotes for Teachers. 

Much wisdom to be gained from Star Wars Quotes there is. Here is a selection of School, teaching, education, and leadership focussed quotes from the Star Wars films. I hope you fellow teachers, educators, and lecturers might find these inspiring or at least fun. Now updated with Some Rogue 1 movie quotes that fit into… Continue reading Star Wars Quotes for Teachers.