Reasons to start an education blog
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Teacher Blogging: 100 Reasons to blog in 2023

Reasons to start an education blog in 2023

Why Education Blogging is worthwhile

This is my 100th blog post. So to celebrate I tried to come up with 100 reasons to blog. I have linked some to my blogs and a couple to external sites. I have loved blogging over the last 17 months, since my first post in March 2015 I have meandered around a few topics, but I have enjoyed writing each and every one. Some are for fun, others more serious. Some took me hours, some are copy and pasted from work I did for school, interviews or my NPQML project. I hope you have enjoyed reading them. Over 1 million people have viewed the articles on this site so far.

100 Reasons To Start a Blog in 2023

  1. It clarifies your ideas
  2. It opens up discussion beyond your school
  3. It generates creativity
  4. It encourages reflection
  5. It improves your practice in the classroom and beyond.
  6. It pushes you out of your comfort zone
  7. It introduces you to new people
  8. It opens doors
  9. It gets you noticed by your peers
  10. It stimulates innovation
  11. It provides positive feedback or constructive criticism to help you develop
  12. It demonstrates your areas of strength
  13. It identifies areas to develop
  14. It makes you look deeper
  15. It can open up new areas of interest
  16. It helps you form a professional identity
  17. It makes you question your opinions
  18. It makes you justify your opinions
  19. It connects you to those with shared interests
  20. It archives your thoughts or later projects.
  21. It is cathartic
  22. It frames your values
  23. It can validate your beliefs
  24. It can challenge your beliefs
  25. It’s not limited by location, you can collaborate with educators worldwide.
  26. You can make an impact outside your classroom
  27. You can add value to your work
  28. You don’t need answers, just ideas
  29. It stops you watching TV
  30. It forces you to consider other opinions
  31. It raises awareness of your role
  32. It can inspire others
  33. You can use it to achieve professional goals
  34. You learn to value others opinions
  35. It reduces isolation
  36. It creates a sense of community
  37. You can showcase your identity
  38. You can share things you enjoy
  39. It challenges you to raise your game
  40. You can build an online identity
  41. It changes your routine and can give you a new hobby
  42. It can provide routine and structure to rainy days.
  43. It is free
  44. It is fun
  45. You can write about anything you choose
  46. It provides an outlet
  47. It can relieve stress
  48. It keeps you up to date
  49. It can reignite your passion
  50. It can take as little or as much time as you want
  51. You can solve someone’s problem
  52. Someone might solve your problem
  53. It can boost your engagement
  54. You will develop new skills
  55. You could change something important
  56. It can make you more interesting
  57. You can raise awareness of an important issue
  58. You might make new friends
  59. You can say you are an internationally connected educator
  60. It organizes your thoughts
  61. It can help break down big topics into achievable areas
  62. You could turn it into a bookor ebook
  63. It encourages you to take a stand
  64. You can save someone else time by sharing resources.
  65. It builds confidence that your ideas are valued
  66. It breaks down barriers between school stakeholders
  67. You can build real relationships with other professionals
  68. Your audience is unlimited
  69. It doesn’t matter how irrelevant you think your idea is someone will like it
  70. It develops persistence, not every post will be popular
  71. You don’t need to leave the house to do it
  72. You can do it anywhere with the internet, or capture your thoughts on paper and upload.
  73. It helps you stay in touch with people
  74. It can provide a record of your achievements
  75. It can build rapport with like-minded professionals
  76. It tells your story as an educator
  77. It can enhance your knowledge if you research your posts
  78. It lasts longer than a tweet so you can share with new people.
  79. You will get better at writing
  80. You will #notice things around you to blog about
  81. It is a platform for sharing your passion for teaching
  82. It gives you a little buzz every time you get a comment
  83. It helps you deal with criticism, not everyone will agree with you
  84. It can show off your skills
  85. It is professional development you control
  86. It holds you accountable, important in our profession
  87. It gives you something to talk about in interviews
  88. It could become your legacy
  89. It can get you out of a rut
  90. You can encourage your students to do it
  91. You might discover a new direction for your career
  92. It gives individual teachers a voice
  93. You can interact with people you would never otherwise meet
  94. It will encourage you to try new things so you can blog about them
  95. You can experiment with new ideas
  96. It informs non-teachers about the work you do
  97. You don’t have to do it alone, guest posts help you connect
  98. It encourages you to self-critique
  99. You will find you have more and better teaching ideas
  100. It gives even the quietest teacher a voice in the field of education
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Thank you all for taking the time to read. What are your reasons for blogging? Add them to the comments section.

100 reason to write an education blog in 2023
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  1. What an awesome list, Joe. I didn’t think you’d do it. I thought you’d be repeating some, or that the validity of each would diminish. But such was not to be. The list is a true reflection of your creativity and ability to generate ideas. I think you included those two. I agree with most, or all, that you listed. I especially like being part of an online community of like-minded people. And I do love feedback.
    Congratulations on your 100th post. The journey will get more exciting from here.

  2. And then there is that you increase the number of platforms to express gratitude – becoming reflective has got me counting my blessings every day (one of those is blogs like yours).

    Great going!

  3. I like this a lot! I definitely can identify with some of the list even though i just started. I just started blogging in june, but after reading blogs without engagement on and off for years it is really rewarding to engage and learn/grow with others.

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