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On this page, we have collated all the education, Autism and SEND books that we think you will find useful in your day to day teaching, as much as possible these are written by teachers or those with direct experience about what they are writing about. Let us know if we have forgotten any using this form or leave feedback in the comments.

Books for Special education teachers

The Database of Inclusive Education Books (SEND)

This list of Essential Inclusive Education Books, Is based on our master database of Inclusive Education Books. This interactive tool allows you to filter the books by theme or specialist area. This works best on Desktop’s or Laptops or the Google sheets Apps (Android, Apple). We have collated books from the following areas. You can find each focus area using the drop down on the top left hand side.

Find the Inclusive Education Books database here – External link to my google drive.

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The books I have found useful as an Inclusive teacher

Books about Behaviour and Exclusion

Practical Behaviour Management for Primary School Teachers – Tracey Lawrence

Awesome books for inclusiveteachers

Why this book?

Because Tracey is an engaging writer who will not just bombard you with Jargon and claim to have a magic wand to solve your issues but provide guidance on your journey. She is also an approachable and engaged tweeter responsible for the #behaviourchat weekly twitter chat (which she has graciously let me host at times). Buy it here.

When the Adults Change, Everything Changes: Seismic Shifts in School Behaviour – Paul Dix

When adults change behaviour.jpg

Why should I buy it?

The book that almost made me shut down this site, I haven’t posted for months in fear of just repeating what I read in Paul’s book. I didn’t find anything I disagreed with in this book – and believe me I tried. From School leaders to teachers there is a lesson for everyone. Buy it here.

On the Fringes: Preventing exclusion in schools through inclusive, child-centred, needs-based practice – Jackie Ward

Exclusion prevention in schools

Why should I buy it?

On the Fringes’ scrutinises exclusion procedures and reviews the SEND Code of Practice in depth, particularly highlighting the role of early interventions in detecting underlying SEN and medical needs. Jackie also explores a range of pre-emptive and alternative approaches that can be employed as part of a whole-school approach to pastoral care and behaviour management that develops pupils self-awareness & self-regulation.

Awesome Books that Can help with Transition.

Stories that explain: Social stories for children with autism in primary school – Lynn McCann.

Why should I buy it?

This book is packed full of practical support, advice and tips for teachers, teaching assistants, SENCos and parents to help support children in gaining a better understanding of common primary school experiences that can cause misunderstanding or stress. This resource provides an explanation of the use of social stories, why they are important, and advice on how to write social stories, including tips on how to present them. The included CD includes editable bank of stories to share with children to support their understanding of social situations.

Transition and Autism Social Stories book

Helping Children with Autism Spectrum Conditions through Everyday Transitions: Small Changes – Big Challenges. Jane Donlan 

Why should I buy it?

Facing any type of change can cause confusion & anxiety for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. This book looks at the small transitions in everyday life that can be a big deal for a young person with autism and offers simple and effective strategies to make change less of a daily struggle. Explaining why seemingly minor changes to routine can be emotionally distressing for Autistic children, this book teaches parents practical solutions for coping with common transitions including switching from a weekday to weekend schedule, the changing of the seasons, and sleeping in a different bed when on holiday. With insights from the authors’ personal experiences and helpful scripts, signs and sketches to use along the way, this book shows that with a bit of thought and preparation parents can reduce the stress surrounding change for their child and the whole family.

Transition autism book.

Books about Autism

The Reason I Jump: one boy’s voice from the silence of autism – Naoki Higashida

The reason I jump autism book.jpg

Why should I buy it?

It shows the importance of working tirelessly to provide the children you work with with a voice. It shows why you should never underestimate a child’s capacity to communicate. Why is this in a behaviour post – because you cannot separate behaviour and communication. It can be read in 2/3 hours and then passed on! Buy it here.

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Other Invaluable books about Autism

In a Different Key: The Story of Autism. Understanding that we are all wired differently and humanity is essential.

Fingers in the Sparkle Jar: A Memoir. One mans account of life on the spectrum. A must for those who grew up watching Chris on the really wild show.

Far From The Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity – Far from the Tree celebrates repeated triumphs of human love and compassion to show that the shared experience of difference is what unites us.

Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight: A young man’s voice from the silence of autism. “Essential reading for parents and teachers who work with individuals with autism who remain non-verbal” (Temple Grandin)

My Son’s Not Rainman: One Man, One Autistic Boy, A Million Adventures. This is not a book about autism, but about one man’s experience of parenting, told with warmth and humour.

Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Understanding Life Experiences from Early Childhood to Old Age .

I am an Aspie Girl: A SEND book for young girls with autism spectrum conditions . This positive and celebratory book also contains helpful discussion points for parents and professionals to explore further with the girls in their care.

M is for Autism Paperback by The Students of Limpsfield Grange School School. Draws on real life experiences to create a heartfelt and humorous novel that captures the highs and lows of being different in a world of normal.

Other Worthwhile Reads:

I hope you have found this list of SEND books useful. Here are some more recommended reads.

NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and How to Think Smarter About People Who Think Differently – Buy Here

Neurotribes is available with Kindle Unlimited Click here for a free trial.

If you fancy trying some of these as Audiobooks click here for a 30-day free trial. (This will help us pay for the hosting of this site.)

How to Support Pupils with Autism Spectrum Condition in Primary School – Lynn McCann – Buy Here

Don’t Send Him in Tomorrow: Shining a light on the marginalised, disenfranchised and forgotten children of today’s schools – Jarlath O’Brien – Buy Here.

Inclusion for Primary School Teachers – Nancy Gedge – Buy Here

Bloomsbury CPD Library: Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities – Cheryl Drabble – Buy here.

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