Magnetic Bird Educational Toy Review

Shopping for good-quality educational toys can be difficult. There are so many to choose from and the quality varies hugely. We have 5 children between us so have got a pretty good idea of what they have enjoyed at different ages. Working in A special school I am also always on the lookout for toys and activities that can be used in communication and interaction sessions as well.

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I had this in my Amazon basket for ages when we were looking for fine motor activities. I decided at the time to buy some activities from Learning Resources instead. Then we were gifted the Magnetic Bird* educational toy from Top Bright.

Educational Toy for Fine Motor Skills

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It is so important to have educational toys that develop a range of skills. In terms of developmental age my daughter is 16 months and loves this. She will change how she plays with it depending on her mood. The primary skill here is fine motor and tool use. She has to use different grips for the magnet and for picking up the worms and putting them in the holes. This is an activity that is on my wishlist for class as well. This educational toy will be making its way to school in the near future. It is robust enough to cope with regular use. I also think it is designed well enough not be too young looking for older learners still working on fine motor skills, not fully age-appropriate maybe but close.

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The main, intended, purpose is to use the magnetic chick to pull the worms out of the tree trunk. You then feed these into the open mouth. Our daughter likes to start with the worms out and put them into the holes. This requires some manipulation of the wooden worms, they are just about the right size. About two inches long. This is pretty safe and chunky enough to not get easily lost. When choosing educational toys versatility is essential. With this activity you can use the coloured worms for colour recognition, there are 8 so basic number skills.

It was more of a struggle for her to use the magnet. It is strong enough but you need to be at the right angle to pull the worms out. Once they attach well and don’t easily fall off, our record is three attached at one time. This would also be a good tuff tray addition for an Autumn theme maybe.

We hope you found our review of the Magnetic Bird educational toy useful. If you do purchase through the affiliate links (*) we will make a very small amount towards our hosting costs.

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