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Effective IWB use in SEN

The interactive whiteboard may well be the greatest ICT resource available to teachers today. It can also be the biggest waste of money possible. If used as a display device just buy a cheap flat screen TV. However for students with SEN the whiteboard can provide some fantastic opportunities for interaction and really motivating activities. […]

5 Questions about Sensory Processing disorder SPD

5 questions about Sensory Processing #behaviourchat

n my role as behaviour lead at my school I am increasingly interested in the impact of sensory processing on learning, engagement and what we perceive as challenging behaviour. I wanted to find out more so asked some questions of the twitterverse. This is a breakdown of some of the things I was able to take away from the chat.

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15 Myths about the perfect lesson.

In some schools there seems to be some rules teachers feel they need to follow. No one knows where these rules came from. The dusty typewritten rule sheet lies on an unreachable shelf in the geography cupboard with the old over head transparencies. So here are some rules that you have my permission to break.

Reasons to start an education blog

100 Reasons to blog

Why Blogging is worthwhile This is my 100th blog post. So to celebrate I tried to come up with 100 reasons to blog. I have linked some to my blogs and a couple to external sites. I have loved blogging over the last 17 months, since my first post in March 2015 I have meandered […]

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An update on my #teacher5aday pledges.

  I am in a reflective mood this rainy August morning. This blog may stray onto a bit of a personal theme, so forgive me. Back in December I pledged to take up the #teacher5aday challenge and pledged to focus on 5 areas of my practice with the aim of improving my Wellbeing. The idea […]

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Are your resources holding you back?

This blog is, and I will say it now – a bit of a ramble, a shambolic collection of half baked ideas. It was triggered by a recent change in my life that has left me carting car loads of stuff to the tip. Moving boxes to one room to tidy another then back & […]

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Online Safety & SEN 2: Why is it so important?

This is part 2 of the Online Safety & SEN series. In this blog I will look at why it is so important that our most vulnerable students are supported. What is it that makes students with special educational needs so vulnerable? I am primarily talking about those students with complex needs (ASD, SLD, PMLD, […]

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Guest Blog: Developing a CPD model

Lynn McCann writes this post about developing an effective model for delivering continuing professional development courses. She supports a range of schools and other educational organisations with students with additional needs. Lynn runs a consultancy business, she is definitely concerned about the outcomes of her support on the children. She supplies a lot of free […]

game of thrones quotes for teachers

10 Game Of Thrones Quotes For Teachers

There are some excellent lessons us educators can take  from George RR Martin’s epic tale of the fight for the throne of Westeros. Friendship, struggle against adversary, loyalty to name just a few. Here are a selection of quotes that you may find apply to you or your students. “Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no […]

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CPD: Essentials for effective training

Training is big business. How big I don’t know despite googling this frantically. I have no answer. The reason for this is because CPD is such a wide term. A school’s training budget can cover a multitude of areas, non teaching and learning areas such as: health and safety, food hygiene, seagull avoidance, first aid, […]

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Excellent SEN Blogs to follow: Part 1.

These blogs are those that I have visited often and found great ideas, positivity or inspiration for my own writing from. Due to the nature of the blogosphere there are likely to be many great blogs I have missed, some great bloggers are reticent to promote their writing. If you know of a great blog please add it to the comments I will be doing a second post later this month.

Orange and white writing: Inclusive Teacher: 5 Things to Consider when Including a Student in your Class

Inclusive Teacher: 5 Things to Consider when Including a Student in your Class

For my first post I thought I would write a few ideas about making your classroom as accessible and inclusive as possible. Each student is of course an individual and these are just general ideas that may help you.

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