Education Infographics

Teaching and Education Infographics.

Here are the Infographics I have made relating to Teaching and Education. Feel free to use but please include a link to this page.

Why Teacher’s Wellbeing is Essential Infographic.

Statistics taken from the Educational Support Partnership designed and distributed as part of the Teacher5aday initiative.

Teacher Wellbeing infographic
Teacher Wellbeing for #Teacher5aday

Autistic Experiences of Education

Information taken from B. Reid Great expectations from the National Autistic society – Download the full report.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 18.40.30
Education on the Autistic Spectrum – ASD

SEND Education Statistics – UK

SEN Education Special Needs Infographic
The State of SEND education -SEN

Educational Technology Problems (EDTECH) Infographic.

Primary concerns when embedding educational technology into your lessons.

The effect of Bad Technology on Education Infographic
Educational Technology Problems – EDTECH
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