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Why Teacher Wellbeing is Essential: Infographic

I think that the #teacher5aday initiative is one of the best discoveries I have made during my time on twitter. This infographic is based on data from the Guardian and shows the impact of failing to recognise the importance of this area of teaching, both in financial and health costs.

Teacher Wellbeing infographic.pngIf you are a a manager please bear this in mind during the day. If you teach remember to make time to look after your wellbeing. I did not know that the teacher helpline exsisted before writing this but here are the details and a link.Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 19.24.09.png

4 thoughts on “Why Teacher Wellbeing is Essential: Infographic”

  1. Completely agree with the revelation that was #teacher5aday; an interesting infographic. I think Looking after us is something we all knew we should be doing but felt guilty doing so, what with all the pressures and demands of the job. Don’t know about you but knowing others are taking time for themselves makes me feel supported to be able to do the same. Thanks for post.

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