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Research, Relationships and Reality.

This post will outline the role relationships play in behaviour support, I will also outline some of the research led practices I have used. Before I start I do want to say that I have read studies I do not agree with. I also know that a huge number of studies conducted ON Autistic children/adults focus on strategies intended to normalise social behaviours which is a huge ethical issue. Fortunately I have had the opportunity to listen to and discuss elements of my practice with actually Autistic academics and practitioners. This has greatly shaped my approach and ethos towards behaviour support, I will also admit this has slanted my view of a lot of studies that remove the human element from behaviour and reduce the children to purely objects to study. To this end I fully expect some of the approaches in the post and the presentation to be a bit controversial and I am 100% sure that at least some of them will contravene your school (or center's) behaviour policy.

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6 Links to SEND Research #SpEdSC

As part of the Special Education Slow Chat I asked: What Research/Journals should those interested in SEND be reading. Here are the top 6 answers for recommended SEND research into special education. Some of these are free to access, others require a subscription. I would be interested to hear what your essential reading is for… Continue reading 6 Links to SEND Research #SpEdSC