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Super Simple DIY Sock Bubble Blower!

DIY Sock Bubble Blower For Shared Attention


Making your very own bubble blower at home can be an incredibly fun and easy activity for both kids and adults alike. In this article, we’ll guide you through the simple steps to create a DIY sock bubble blower that will provide hours of entertainment for little or no cost. You will see these all over pinterest, they are also a brilliant attention autism/bucket time activity as they are so simple and easy to source (and replace). They can be used with children of any age to develop shared attention skills. This activity is great for indoor or outdoor, garden use especially combined with a water play activity. Because they are so easy to make you can even let each child make their own, you will just have to do the cutting of the bottle.

Homemade sock bubble blower. Young girl in pink creating a bubble elephant

Materials Needed

To create your DIY sock bubble blower, you’ll only need a few simple materials:

  • 1. Old Sock
  • 2. Empty Plastic Drink Bottle
  • 3. Elastic Band
  • 4. Bubble Solution/Washing Up Liquid

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow these easy steps to assemble your DIY sock bubble blower:

1. Prepare the Bottle

Start by cutting off the bottom of the plastic drink bottle to create a cylinder-like shape. You use the mouth of the bottle to blow.

2. Attach the Sock

Next, slip the old sock over the cut end of the bottle to cover it completely. Use the elastic band to secure the sock in place.

3. Dip and Blow

Once your DIY bubble blower is assembled, dip the sock end into a dish of bubble solution. Then, gently blow through the mouth of the bottle to create beautiful bubbles!

Two children sharing attention using a sock bubble blower in the garden

Additional Tips and Ideas

Here are some additional tips and ideas to enhance your bubble-blowing experience:

  • Experiment with different sock sizes and textures to see how they affect bubble formation.
  • Add food colouring to the bubble solution for colourful bubbles, this can be used to develop expressive language and symbol exchange if your child is an AAC user.
  • Encourage creativity by allowing kids to decorate their bubble blowers with stickers or markers.
DIY Bubble Sock For EYFS Attention Sharing.

Q&A Section

Q1: Can I use any type of sock for this activity?

A1: Yes, you can use any old sock for this activity. Thicker socks may produce larger bubbles, while thinner socks may create smaller bubbles.

Q2: How long does the bubble solution last?

A2: The bubble solution can last for several uses. Store it in a sealed container to prevent evaporation.

Q3: Can I make my own bubble solution?

A3: Absolutely! There are many homemade bubble solution recipes available online using common household ingredients like dish soap and water. I went straight in with undiluted fairy liquid but you can make a little go a long way.


Creating a DIY sock bubble blower is a fantastic way to engage in hands-on fun and creativity. With just a few simple materials, you can enjoy endless hours of bubble-blowing excitement, shared attention and fun interactions with your child. So gather your supplies and start blowing bubbles today!

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