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NPQML: Reflecting on Effective communication – Meetings

This is a video that I could have used before being a middle leader. The key point isreflecting on what and how you want an audience to hear something, what are the key words and ideas they must buy into to remain engaged and so as not to have wasted everyones time.

Firstly the meeting must have a purpose not just be a meeting for the sake of it. Before you even begin to write a presentation think about the timing. What else is going on that may be distracting the audience. Are you launching a new initiative in the middle of assessment time? Is it too soon after a previous project? Are teachers still working on something?

If you are going to the trouble of presenting on something make sure it is something you yourself buy into and believe in. Make you are certain of the facts and the intended outcome. Your presentation will then be meaningful and the audience will want to listen and engage. If you are despondent and unclear then you will just leave all unsure and the impact of any project will be wasted or take longer.

I have attached a presentation I have written about before. It was created and delivered in order to gain support for subject leader observations. I wanted to get people to look forward to the process and understand the outcome. To be honest the powerpoint is dull and wordy but such is life at least its short.

Context – I started by outlining the reasons for doing them, how they tied into the bigger curriculum changes. This could have been more “bigger picture”

Agenda – I didnt really include an agenda slide but split the presentation into clear sections.Picture1

The Content – This contained the process we would follow.

Engage the audience – Just about I think, the feedback was positive and they have now been completed I need to gain peoples thoughts on how they went.

To write this I basically wrote how I like to be presented to. It is not visual and doesn’t really have a interest grabber. But I hadn’t watched the video then.

Slide5  wordle 3

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