Using Typorama (ipad app) to Create Images & Posters.

Now I love a good quote and image. I have been using the typorama app for a while. Teachers need Great visuals to engage students used to flashy advertising and constant media bombardment. I’m not sure if a study has been done on the effectiveness of images as inspiration or their effect on lezrning. But I know from experience that using students interests is a great way to hook a class and start a discussion. Also my ASD students can gain more from a visual with key owrds than listening to instructions.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 11.34.34

Anyway I was playing around this morning, reading @buzzfeed, I know it’s not special needs or leadership but using images like these on the board etc is much better than an overloaded PowerPoint. Capture an imagination. Students can create their own in a few minutes learning the basics of graphic design, digital literacy, (including copyright ūüėĀ). Hope this post gives you some ideas.

All text copyright The Disney Company.


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