AAC Game: Gassy The Cow.

I couldn’t resist this for £7 at Wilko. A fun little AAC game especially for children that find anything to do with Poo hilarious. This requires 2 aaa batteries for the moo or fart noises. The premise of the game is that each player chooses a boot colour. You then spin the spinner to decide which player pulls the tail.

AAC game spinner children CSCB

The Cow will either fire a wee (yellow) or cowpat (brown) out from under its tail. The player then attaches the token to their boots. This is via a little hole and spike. if you get two poos you are out. That is it. The older children enjoyed it and my 4 year old liked playing with the cow.

AAC Game: Gassy The Cow. 1

Adaptations for AAC

If you want more AAC game ideas and resources you might like Squawk – although the children will like the noise more than you will. All the other AAC resources we have made and used are collated on this page. I always use Widgitonline to make the communication resources. They offer a 21 day free trial. Download the communication board file below.

AAC Game: Gassy The Cow. 2
Gassy Cow CSCB board

As a game we found this quite frustrating as it sometimes needs the tail pulling a few times before pooing. The moo and poo noises are quite similar. I struggled to differentiate at times. As a motivating communication resource however the game is great with plenty of opportunities for requesting and commenting. AAC games have to be motivating and not frustrate those playing them!

AAC Game: Gassy The Cow. 3

We played around with it for a while and to make it accessible for my youngest (4) we needed to add Blu-tack to the bottom of the boots. It is good for fine motor but is quite fiddly. The boots are nice and tactile, the idea is you “walk” them up to the cow. For AAC requesting the colours are common which is really useful for PECS users.

AAC game Gassy Cow Fine motor and turn taking

The cow is hard plastic so slides around on hard surfaces like school tables and is quite noisy. Used a tray with rubber dots to make it easy to manipulate the tail without it slipping.

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The “poo” also shoots out quite fast and the tray stopped it sliding off the table to be caught by the dog.

Communication and Interaction Skills used.

  • Spinning
  • Fine motor (boots and tail)
  • Colour recognition
  • Counting
  • Turn taking
  • Requesting

If you have a game that has worked really well in communication sessions please add it in the comments.

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