Christmas Word Wall Vocabulary

Jingle All the Way to a Christmas Word Wall

The holiday season provides a fun opportunity for young learners to build their vocabulary through exposure to festive new words. There are so many joyful activities centring around the sights, sounds, tastes and traditions of Christmas time. Why not capitalise on this natural excitement to expand little ones’ language in your classroom using our Christmas Word Wall Vocabulary list and activities.

Festive Christmas Word Wall Printable PDF

A popular classroom technique involves creating an interactive Christmas word wall. We have created a free printable Christmas Word Wall Vocabulary Display for you to download. This visually appealing display engages kids in spotting, reading and practicing terms again and again. For a festive spin on the concept, gather a collection of Christmas vocabulary (lots more at the bottom of the post) like:

  • Tree
  • Ornament
  • Star
  • Candle
  • Wreath
  • Santa
  • Reindeer
  • Present
  • Carol
  • Stocking
  • Snowman
  • Candy cane
  • Cookie
  • Sleigh
  • Ring

Using The Christmas Word Wall Vocabulary List to Teach Through Play

Once the Christmas word wall vocabulary list is created, get creative finding ways for tots to explore each word’s meaning through play. Here are some ideas to spark their interests:

  • Tree – Read “The Christmas Tree” book. Have kids act out being a growing tree.
  • Ornament – Make shakers from pom poms glued inside gift boxes for hanging on a tree.
  • Star – String gold stars on yarn to make a “twinkling” mobile for over learning areas.
  • Candle – Create “candles” from Q-tips stuck in play dough and role play lighting them.
  • Wreath – Finger paint pinecones, cotton balls, and more to make natural wreaths.
  • Santa – Set up a North Pole post office with Santa letters to “send” in a mailbox, make a Santa face plate

Rotating words and pairing them with multi-sensory experiences can optimise retention of language. Seeing target vocabulary illustrated on the word wall further develops literacy foundations. Wishing you joyous and language-rich holiday learning!

Free Christmas Word Wall Vocabulary Printable Download

To start you off we have created a Christmas Word Wall Vocabulary printable PDF for you to download and use in your class.

Christmas Word Wall Vocabulary Free PDF Printable Display

10 Sensory Christmas Word Wall Vocabulary Activities

Here are 10 sensory Christmas word wall activities with instructions, you may also like our Christmas Sensory Stories – You Might Be an Elf and Walking In a Winter Wonderland (both free):

  1. Jingle Bells Play Dough: Kids roll out green play dough to form bells. Add play dough string and practice saying “Jingle bells” while squeezing.
  2. Ring Around the Ornament: Glue jingle bell shape stickers in a circle around paper ornaments. Hide numbers/letters and have kids find the correct ones.
  3. Snowball Toss: Write words inside Styrofoam balls. Toss and read the word that’s caught. Can be made into a matching game too.
  4. Candle Writing: Have kid “write” words by rolling Q-tips with red paint along cookie sheets painted with batter (candles).
  5. Gingerbread Man Search: Hide mini paper gingerbread people with words inside a felt Christmas tree. Lift flaps to find the words.
  6. Card Stamping: Stamp Christmas words onto cards using cotton balls (candy canes), pom poms (ornaments) and more textured natural materials for stamps.
  7. Snowglobe Shaking: Write words on paper snowflakes and glue inside baby food jars half-filled with glitter glue or shaving cream. Seal lids on and have kids identify words by shaking snowglobes.
  8. Christmas Cookie Match: Laminate cookie cutter shapes with words attached. Kids match the words to the cookie shapes by textures.
  9. Mitten Match: Attach Christmas word picture cards to felt mittens. Partner 1 describes the picture/word by texture without looking. Can their partner match it to the right mitten?
  10. Ornament Hang: Glue jingle bells, pompoms and more textures to the tops of ornament shapes with words inside. See who can “hang” all the ornaments on the tree the fastest!
Christmas Word Wall Vocabulary and Activities

100 More Christmas Vocabulary Words

Here are 100 more Christmas words to include on the classroom word wall and explore through hands-on activities:

  1. Angels
  2. Star
  3. Frankincense
  4. Myrrh
  5. Snow
  6. Frost
  7. Fireplace
  8. Gingerbread
  9. Holly
  10. Lights
  11. Tinsel
  12. Christmas tree
  13. Ornaments
  14. Candy cane
  15. Bells
  16. Present
  17. Ribbon
  18. Bow
  19. Wrapping paper
  20. Cards
  21. Nutcracker
  22. Reindeer
  23. Sleigh bells
  24. Chimney
  25. Santa
  26. Elves
  27. North Pole
  28. Christmas cracker
  29. Poinsettias
  30. Sprinkle
  31. Cookies
  32. Cocoa
  33. S’mores
  34. Hot chocolate
  35. Candles
  36. Carols
  37. Bell
  38. Carolers
  39. Stocking
  40. Pillow
  41. Candy
  42. Toys
  43. Red
  44. Green
  45. White
  46. Snowman
  47. Icicles
  48. Eggnog
  49. Chestnuts
  50. Holly
  51. Crackling fire
  52. Mistletoe
  53. Wassail
  54. Midnight
  55. Evergreen
  56. Pine cones
  57. Christmas lights
  58. Ornaments
  59. Advent calendar
  60. Baubles
  61. Nutcracker
  62. Pulled candy
  63. Fruitcake
  64. Pudding
  65. Turkey
  66. Cranberry sauce
  67. Yule log
  68. Figgy pudding
  69. Poinsettia
  70. Nativity
  71. Church
  72. Christmas pudding
  73. Parcels
  74. Mangers
  75. Shepherds
  76. Kings
  77. Wishlists
  78. Carols
  79. Church service
  80. Silent night
  81. Deck the halls
  82. Jingle bells
  83. We wish you a merry Christmas
  84. Joy
  85. Peace
  86. Love
  87. Laughter
  88. Family
  89. Christmas eve
  90. Christmas morning
  91. Christmas dinner
  92. Snowflake
  93. Tree skirt
  94. Christmas memories
  95. Joy
  96. Warmth
  97. Family tradition
  98. Blessings
  99. Magic
  100. Cheer
  101. Friendship
  102. Miracle

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