A Day in the Life of an SEN AHT

I thought I would try something a bit different for today’s post. I am going to try and outline my day as Assistant Headteacher (AHT) of a special School. Today was not particularly remarkable, it was a mixture of planned events and times I had to react to situations.

I got into work at 7.30 and checked the emails, I had some application forms for new PBS instructors for a course we are running in May, this is a great chance to collaborate with colleagues from other schools. I am really looking forward to this It will be the first course run after we achieve our BILD accreditation (fingers crossed)

Then I quickly designed the covers to the folders for new instructors being trained in March from our school and the two other principal instructor’s schools. The office staff have kindly agreed to make these up. So I printed a mock-up. At 8 I met our speech and language practitioner to travel to Dover to meet a year 11 referral whose mother has recently moved to the county (we have more students join us across the school and year than September in year 7).

Welcome to Dover - White Cliffs Country Sign. AHT visiting pupils

It was a great meeting with a really happy boy and his mum, we encouraged them to come and visit the school as the next step of the process.

The drive back was a great chance to catch up and talk about transition and some ideas we had had about making the process easier for our students at the end of each year.

On return to school I had a meeting about safer recruitment with our HR manager then reviewed and shortlisted candidates for new learning support assistants. This took a long time as we had received three times as many applicants as previously due to the closure of a local school.

After a quick chat with a colleague about how to proceed with a student who refused to come into class, I went to my own class (I teach second half of the week) for lunch. One of the student’s had become unsettled so we had a chat and enjoyed school dinner together.

I then had my 1:1 meeting with the Boss to discuss training for a local charity. Then about rewriting the marking and feedback policy, with ways to share good practice (I wrote a blog on my thoughts here).

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 20.26.11.png

I was then distracted by the battery packs that had arrived for the BBC MICRO:BIT for a few minutes before replying to an email about the new assessment software our group of schools is meant to be using.

The other assistant head then called to say there was an issue with the transport for two of the students so we drove them home and to respite. Another great opportunity for a catch-up that seems harder to fit in these days!

A quick catch-up with our Middle leadership team then home to plan lessons for tomorrow!

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