Equality and Diversity in implementation of Staff training.


This is a presentation I wrote as part of my certification as a PBS instructor. I am now a Principal Instructor for our area in Positive Behaviour Support.I must stress I would never use such wordy Powerpoints in any lesson or training session, this is more of a handout in powerpoint form. I think most of us have sat through presentations like these. It talks about being sensitive to learners needs then expects them to read loads of tiny writing on a bright white background.

It talks about involving staff by being inclusive but then talks at them for 30 minutes. So whilst the points are valid they are often lost.

We all make assumptions about staff when training. Those of us who are teachers generally do not make these assumptions about the learners in our classroom. If you are asked to give a presentation about equality and diversity feel free to use these as your notes, but please don’t make those you are training read it all on the board or even worse read it to them!



Download powerpoint here. Joe W Equality and diversity

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